“I can not say enough wonderful things about Dr. Kevin Lacey and his staff. Both of my sons (who are athletes) have been patients, along with myself. I often felt that Kevin could have easily released my sons to continue on with their daily lives, after their sports injuries, but he always took it a step further to make sure they were able to excel in their individual sport and condition their bodies to eliminate future injuries. As a Kindergarten teacher and former dance instructor, my back has taken many years of torture, which also included back surgery for a ruptured disc. On a daily basis, I am forced to bend and stretch to meet the needs of my classroom of 5-year-olds. I constantly find myself tying shoes, zipping coats, and so forth. I suffered day after day from major back pain, yet I was told by specialists that there was nothing else they could do for me. Once I began meeting with Kevin and committed myself to using the exercises he taught me to strengthen my various muscles, the pain vanished. I have gone over a year pain-free and can’t express enough gratitude. I continue to refer family and friends to visit Dr. Kevin Lacey and his staff. Thanks to Kevin for showing “tough love” to my sons and myself!”

– Suzie

“Kevin has worked with all three of my sons to rehab injuries or help them recover from surgery. He excels at getting athletes back in the game. My son had his labrum repaired at the beginning of December and Kevin had him swinging a bat the second week of April. Amazing results. He also has a unique methodology. He is not just getting things from a book. He would often ask what athletic movements they needed to be able to do and come up with exercises designed to target the specific area. Kevin even came to the school to look at the weight room to help design things the boys could do during their strength and conditioning class.

I am a coach at Decatur High School and I always recommend Kevin to our injured athletes. I do, however, offer one caveat. You had better be prepared to work. Kevin expects you to perform the exercises he gives you between sessions so that you are ready for the next one.”

– Ben

“Place is great best staff around by far. I have had many surgeries and they have helped me thru all of them. I highly recommend them.”

– Jim

“In 2010 at the age of 22 I tore the labrum in my right hip and had to resort to surgery. The surgery involved removing the damaged part of the labrum and reshaping my hip so that further damage wouldn’t be done. Overall the surgery was successful but I still had pain from time to time. Since I instruct martial arts daily I was hoping I could find a solution to reduce the pain and secure more longevity for the joint. I started going to Kevin four years after the surgery and have experienced great results from his work. Kevin’s knowledge about how the body is structured and how it moves is extraordinary. After following his prescribed exercises for several months I was able to reduce the pain to 0%. I couldn’t have asked for better results!”

– Paul

“You accomplish your mission in life very well. I am ever so thankful to you for all the love and compassion you gave to Ken and me during his battle with ALS. Your therapy and friendship made his life more bearable. Kerry and your whole staff was wonderful. Kevin I felt you went above and beyond our expectations. I can never thank you enough.”

– Carol

“I have Arnold Chiari Malformation so I don’t trust too many folks with my neck. Kev has been a god send for me.”

– Lisa

“Highly recommend , great staff. They have done WONDERS for my shoulder.”

– Michele

“I highly recommend Lacey Physical Therapy! In the past 5 months I’ve had shoulder surgery then a knee replacement revision so have spent quality time with Kensey and Kevin! Instead of the “one size fits all, you’re a number not a person” physical therapy that I had with my first knee replacement 3 years ago, these therapist look at the whole person. Questions are answered and information is volunteered so I understood which bones/muscles and their connectors were being used so I could be an informed team member in my road to recovery. They are also encouraging and always upbeat which helped me maintain a positive attitude which is so vital for a quick recovery.”

– Sue